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These are the stories and adventures of a real live blind sled dog who ran the Iditarod 2 times after loosing his eyesight. Teachers, nationwide, are using the Rivers' books for encouraging their students to read and cope with their individual challenges because both books contain many positive messages for both young and old alike. Book 2 and our web site contain a letter from a Special Education teacher in New York City regarding Rivers’ books and how Rivers influenced her class.

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Rivers' Books Summaries

 "Rivers, Diary of Blind Alaska Racing Sled Dog" (Rivers) is the story of a chance encounter on a chilly, rainy day that started a heartwarming adventure for a blind dog and his human companion. This is Rivers' diary of that adventure; becoming pain free, and dealing with his disappointments, while learning to interacting with humans. "Rivers" tells of a blind dog's efforts to overcome his challenges and achieve his destiny. "Rivers" is the tale of a bond between a dog and a man, of courage, friendship, loyalty, and adventure. It is full of positive messages for both young and old. "Rivers" takes place in that mystical land called Alaska where sled dog racing is the state sport, dogs are considered athletes, and mushers are their coaches.

"Rivers, Diary of Blind Alaska Racing Sled Dog" retails for $15.95 and contains 160 pages. The ISBN number is 1-888125-88-6 while the Library of Congress Catalog Card Number is 2001097701.

“Rivers, Through the Eyes of a Bind Dog”, (Rivers 2) continues the adventures for Rivers, his buddies and their human companion Mike. Racing across the trails of Alaska, the team finds a lost child in a blizzard and helps a foster child find his forever home, while searching for their destiny on the snowy trails. It is a tale from the trail of friendship, loyalty, and devotion. The magic continues as the story may touch your own life's experiences.

“Rivers, Through the Eyes of a Bind Dog”, has something for everyone, child, adult and of course, dog lover. From Alaska, where else?

“Rivers, Through the Eyes of a Bind Dog”, retails for $13.95 and contains 128 pages. The ISBN number is 1-59433-004-2 while the Library of Congress Catalog Card Number is 2003111941.

"Rivers, Book 3, Unknown Trails" (Rivers 3). Race to Nome with Rivers and the team as they run the "Big Race" to raise funds for rebuilding the earthquake-ravaged orphanage.

Ride the runners as Lakota deals with cancer, Mike suffers amnesia, and a shady land developer hires snow machiners who are hell bent on stopping the team from completing the race. This trail is full of adventure intrigue and danger. Meet Stryker, a war dog hero with only 3 legs, and Geezer, an old abandoned guard dog, as they team up to protect blind Caitlyn from a pack of wild dogs. Join us for the ride of a lifetime!

“Rivers, Unknown Trails, retails for $13.95 and contains 128 pages. The ISBN number is 978-1-59433-082-7 while the Library of Congress Catalog Card Number is 2008933964.

About Rivers:
Rivers ran the Iditarod twice after loosing his eyesight. Rivers, and his buddy, Lakota, live with my wife and me in Palmer, Alaska. The dogs are retired from racing, but still enjoying recreational mushing. Rivers receives and answers a countless number of letters and e-mail from children and adults worldwide informing us how motivational, yet entertaining Rivers' books are. Rivers has a free e-mail newsletter where he “barks’ to over 1000 subscribers about his adventures. There are approximately 25 teachers in the news group. Rivers has made guest appearances at several elementary schools in Anchorage Bowl area and at University of Alaska, Anchorage campus.
About the author:
Mike Dillingham was born in a blinding snowstorm in New York City. Mike's mom went into labor while Mike's dad, a New York City police officer, was on duty. The fire that night in the first floor restaurant of the 6-story building where they lived only added ambiance to the event of Mike's birth, and served as an omen of Mike's adventures to come. So how did a New York City kid, born in blizzard, end up in Alaska? The dogs, the beauty, tranquility and privacy of Alaska were a natural magnet for Mike after retiring from a 23 year career in the Air Force that took him all over this world. Mike’s current job allowed him to travel all over Alaska and wrote portions of this book as well as his other books in Juneau, Ketchikan, Bethel, Naknek, Fairbanks, Palmer, Wasilla, King Salmon, Nome and Anchorage. When asked why he wrote these books, Mike replied, “For Rivers, who continues to inspire me. For the dogs, who are my companions and gave me their unconditional love. And especially for the kids, who hold the future in their hands.”

You may contact Mike at riversbooks@gmail.com

E-Books are available at http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B001K7Y4CW

Take care and thank you.

Mike Dillingham,
Author/Owner Rivers Books

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Rivers was a real live dog who went blind and then ran the Iditarod twice. He was born in Kotzebue, Alaska and then moved to Knik, Alaska in 1998. Rivers lived in Palmer, Alaska and was an Alaskan Husky, born in June 1995. He weigh between 60 and 65 pounds; 2 feet high and about 2 ½ feet long.Rivers black, brown, and white. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge on December 17, 2009. He was 14 1/2 years old.